Pharmaceutical Grade Ingredients: choose the best.

4Today® “Essential” and all our products only uses “Pharmaceutical Grade” ingredients when applicable. It’s nutrition unsurpassed. Your Good Health is our Primary Concern.

Pharmaceutical grade nutrition applies to vitamins and minerals. This means that they are pure enough to be administered intravenously if necessary. Obviously that is not the preferred delivery method for most people, but the point is that the ingredients are pure and safe. There are many grades of vitamins and minerals available for manufacturers to choose from. “Industrial Grade” is the lowest grade, then “Commercial Grade” which is a step up. The next is “Food Grade” which is what most manufactures of nutritional supplements use and the highest grade possible is “Pharmaceutical Grade” which is what 4 Today® uses. We strive to offer only the best possible quality. This level of quality is not cheap, which is why most companies don’t use “Pharmaceutical Grade” when manufacturing their products. We feel your health is worth it. 4 Today will never put our profits above your well-being. Integrity is a key ingredient in all our products.

Other ingredients such as herbs are classified differently. For instance herbs can be dry ground powders, which are not standardized, which means the quality has not been measured and the level of activity can not be guaranteed. “Standardized Powders” are the better choice because the level of active constituents has been measured and you know that it meets the level of quality that you would expect when you take it. The next level of quality is a “Standardized Extract”, which is a concentrated version of the ingredient. It is more potent and therefore takes less of it to achieve the same level of activity in the body. 4 Today® uses a combination of only “Standardized Powders” and “Standardized Extracts” when we use these types of ingredients in our formulas.

If your supplement is not using “Pharmaceutical Grade” vitamins and minerals and “Standardized Herbs”, you have no way of knowing whether or not they are actually effective in your body. Quality really does matter. When taking 4 Today® products, you know you are getting the finest ingredients. You deserve the best.

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