Recently my whole system changed and I needed something that kept me even paced so I didn’t have anxiety. I knew I was lacking something and there was an imbalance in my system. Doctors recommended anti-depressants and other prescriptions, all of which made me feel bad. I tried time released multi-vitamin plus other specific nutrients. They were not working for me. In addition, I am pre-diabetic.

After taking the 4TODAY® Essential formula I have eliminated my anxieties, my skin irritations have cleared up, my feeling of imbalance is gone and I have more normal days. It is obvious to me that your nutrients are pure and feeds the brain as well as the body. You have changed my life and I thank you for bringing balance back into it. I feel great and do a lot more each day.

-M. Cohen, Los Angeles, CA


Before I discovered the 4TODAY® Essential formula at least twice a year I would have a combination of a sinus drip and coughing which led to chronic bronchitis. The symptoms would last for weeks and sometimes months. The only cure was antibiotics. My deep concern was that the immune system would become so weak that antibiotics would not work because of my consistent use of them. My endless pursuit of a cure covered many medical establishments and doctors. I was diagnosed with asthma, allergies, sinus drip etc. No one could cure me until I started to take 4TODAY® Essential formula.

For two years now I have not had antibiotics, bronchitis, a sinus drip or major cold. My energy is up and I am happy once again to be able to conduct business and talk to people on a normal basis. My family is taking these products with excellent results. My recommendation goes without saying since I am the CEO of 4TODAY® Inc.

-K. Brown, Westlake Village, CA


My husband and I started taking 4TODAY® Essential in August of 1995. Before taking Essential, I had experienced yearly colds that always turned into bronchitis and usually tonsillitis at the same time. The only way I could get well was to see a doctor and get antibiotics. My husband used to get severe colds and flu each year that usually kept him in bed for up to a week at a time. Since taking 4TODAY® products, neither one of us has had colds, flu or bronchitis in almost four years.

I was so impressed with the results of this product, I’m proud to say, I am now the President of 4TODAY®  Inc. I love being part of such a great company, helping people stay well.

-Mrs. J. Kerr, Salt Lake City, UT


I have for the past year been using a 4TODAY® Family Product, called LifeZone®, that has astounded me.  I have raised my health to the next level using these products.

-Dr. Marie Green, Ogden, Utah


I have had high blood pressure, which has been treated with medication for approximately 10 years. I am also a foster parent. I take troubled teenage boys into my home, so I do deal with a fair amount of stress daily. I began taking 4TODAY® Essential in December 1997. By February of 1998, my doctor took me off my blood pressure medication. My blood pressure has remained normal. I have also noticed an improvement in my energy level.

I am very pleased with how I feel when using the 4TODAY® products. On several occasions during the last 15 months I have forgotten to take the vitamins for as long as a two week period. My energy level would significantly drop during these periods. Within a few days of being back on the formulas, my energy level would come right back up.

Being a foster parent with school age children, not unlike any other parent, I am exposed to whatever colds, or illness is going around at their school. For the first time in my life, my immune system is strong enough to prevent my catching whatever they bring home. I am a firm believer in the 4TODAY® products and I recommend them to everyone I know. I intend to continue using these wonderful products for as long as I live, and I expect to live a long, long time thanks to 4TODAY®.

-M. Maloney, Huntsville, UT


I’ve been taking 4TODAY® Essential for about ten years now. When I first started 4TODAY®, I noticed a big natural boost of energy that lasted all day for ten years now.  My immune system is stronger than ever. I am rarely ever sick at all. My employees also take 4TODAY® and they also stay healthy, alert and more efficient than before. I can feel that my body muscles, bones and mind feel superb when they get the vitamins and minerals that are in every pack of 4TODAY® Essential. I hope everyone out there can experience the benefits of 4TODAY® products.

-Adam B., Henderson, NV


Since I’ve taken 4TODAY® Essential, I’ve noticed I have a lot more energy. I’m not tired all the time. I don’t remember the last time I’ve been sick. I believe this is because of 4TODAY® Essential. They are such a great value. 4TODAY® Essential a great daily vitamin and I would encourage everyone to take them. My dad age 62 started taking then after he had a heart attack and I’ve noticed a big difference in his energy and attitude.

–Michelle B., age 34


I have taken the 4TODAY® Essential for 4 years now. The first thing I noticed was more energy, better sleep, and my circulation improved so that my hands and feet stayed warm. I lost 15 lbs. in 6 months that I’ve been able to keep off without effort. After 6 months I noticed better night vision.

My job involves many hours of driving; I can drive for 12 hours completely alert without getting tired. I feel much more confidant that I will get home safely. Any cuts or injuries have healed 50% faster than they did before using the product. My cholesterol is perfect, and my blood pressure is perfect, where it was a little high before I started using 4TODAY® Essential.

I used to spend a lot of time in the sun, working on a farm. I was getting a lot of age spots from too much exposure to the sun when I was younger. They disappeared after one year on the product. My family is prone to Diabetes, I am now 42 years old and I have no indications of the symptoms associated with Diabetes. My blood sugar is perfect, and I have sweet tooth that I satisfy frequently. My memory has improved greatly. I am able to remember classmates’ names from high school that I had forgotten. I have tremendous work stamina. My hair grows about 50% faster. I have to trim my mustache every two weeks instead of every three. My fingernails are thick and shiny and not brittle anymore. I have not had a cold in 4 years. Prior to using 4TODAY® Essential I would get bronchitis at least once a year, sometimes twice. My allergies have disappeared. I was allergic to many pollens and trees, now I am allergy free.

-R. Tarkowski, Las Vegas , NV


I am extremely pleased that we found the 4TODAY® Essential product to use. I have a hypothyroid condition. For 25 years I have been taking .25mg of Synthroid (a replacement hormone for what the thyroid gland cannot produce). I used to be tired all the time and I was quite over weight.

I have lost 50 lbs. since starting 4TODAY® Essential and my Synthroid dosage has been reduced to .15mg and has remained steady for the last two years. I have noticed increased alertness and work stamina. I used to have painful irregular periods and get lots of headaches during that time of the month. Now the headaches have disappeared and I am getting regular periods and experiencing much less discomfort. My fingernails and hair are growing faster and are much stronger. My hairdresser has noticed the improvement in my hair’s condition.

I am the mother of two daughters ages 13 and 7. Both are using 4TODAY® Essential. My oldest daughter was an average student; math was very difficult for her. Three years later, she is now in an accelerated math class and pulling straight A’s effortlessly. My 7 year old has not gained any more weight; she used to be very heavy for her age. She is satisfied with eating less and her grades have also improved dramatically. They have both experienced a dramatic increase in their attention spans.

-M. Tarkowski, Las Vegas, NV


My attention span has increased a lot. I can pay better attention in school now. Good grades are easier for me to get, and I haven’t caught any of the colds that are going around the school.

-L. Lucarrelli, age 9, Las Vegas, NV

My buddy Rick showed me the 4TODAY® Essential product three years ago, and I began taking them regularly. I am an electrician in Las Vegas; the building boom has required me to work quite often seven 12-hour days for months at a time. After using 4TODAY® Essential, I was able to be much more effective for those long hours. I have not had a cold or flu in three years. I have not lost any time on the job. My friends tell me they noticed that my hair is growing back in where it was completely gone before.

-J. LaPlante, Las Vegas, NV

Since taking the 4TODAY® Essential I have a lot more energy and can do much more throughout the day. I used to have to sleep a lot to regain my energy and now I don’t have to. Your formula has given be a more positive outlook each day and I enjoy life much more. An added bonus is that I am eating less and yes, weight reduction is in the future for me. Thank you.

-C. Taylor, Thousand Oaks, CA


I have been using the 4TODAY® Essential formula for several years. I could tell I had more energy after the first 2-3 weeks on the vitamins. I have irritable bowel syndrome and the vitamins help to keep my stomach from becoming upset. I can eat the foods I want without problems, as long as I am taking the vitamins. Thanks for a great product!

-M. Gammon, Birmingham, AL


My husband and I have taken 4TODAY® Essential for two years now. Before 4TODAY® Essential I was a stay at home mom, and suffering from depression and feeling useless. Now, I just landed a wonderful job with a chiropractic office and I am very happy to feel needed, both at home and at work.

I am also prone to Diabetes, as my mother, grandmother both were. Before using the 4TODAY® Essential I was experiencing blood sugar fluctuation, low energy, tired, and easily caught colds. There are no indications that that I have symptoms associated with Diabetes anymore. Now my blood sugar is perfect. I am also sure my feeling of well being has everything to do with the product.

My husband works at a farm co-op, long hours and very little rest during the harvest season. He has experienced an increase in work stamina and job performance. This has resulted in wage increases and bonuses for him. We are very thankful that we were introduced to this product by my brother, and will be life-long customers.

-K. & D. Gossen, Greenleaf, WI


I started taking 4TODAY® Essential several years ago when my son introduced me to it. At the time I had just had surgery on my right leg. One of my veins was blocked. It helped speed up my recovery after the surgery, and I’ve experienced no pain in that leg since using the Essential formula.

I also had severe heart problems for many years. I saw my doctor two weeks ago and he said that my heart is doing real good. I have had only one cold in several years, and it was very mild and went away quickly. My husband is also using the 4TODAY® Essential formula and has had heart problems in the past. He is now feeling very healthy and the doctors say he is doing just fine.

-E. Tarkowski, Denmark, WI

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