Why should you buy 4Today® Family of Products instead of other supplements?

  • Bio-Availability —If you take supplements and they don’t effectively absorb into your system, what’s the point? 4Today® Family of Products are available for use to your tissues and cells after swallowing.
  • Safety—A true amino acid chelated mineral will not ionize into the gastro-intestinal track therefore avoiding unwanted chemical interactions.
  • Quality—Our manufacturer is cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) licensed and certified.
  • Purity—All products go through a rigorous quality-control program that includes independent assays for meeting label amounts, microbial purity from contamination and heavy metals using good manufacturing procedures.

What is the best way to take the 4Today® Family of Products?

The best way to take 4Today® supplements is with food. Nutrients are processed more efficiently when taken with food. Make sure to follow the recommendation on the package or as indicated by your health care professional.

I eat a healthy diet. Why do I need to use 4Today® Family of Products?

Food is grown and processed in a myriad of conditions -soil, climate, harvested unripe, chemically sprayed, genetically engineered seeds, air pollution, water contamination, etc. What you place on your plate and eat may not meet your body’s nutritional needs. Even food grown under the best of conditions may be exposed to air pollution, water contamination, and chemical pollution. 4Today® Family of Products provides additional nutritional support to the body on which you can rely.

What is the difference between 4Today® Essential and 4Today® Primary Nutrition?

4Today® Essential was designed to be a comprehensive formula that includes Vitamins, Minerals, Anti-Oxidants, Herbs, Essential Fatty Acids and Digestive Enzymes. 4Today® Primary Nutrition was designed to provide Vitamins and Minerals only.


4Today® Essential is designed to give you optimal levels of nutrition with healthy eating.   Some nutritional ingredients in 4Today® Essential contain more than the MINIMUM DAILY REQUIREMENTS because  today’s demanding lifestyles burn up specific nutrients at a faster pace.

 Nutritional products are not designed to replace food and should be taken to compliment healthy eating habits. Healthy eating provides nutrients naturally found in food, therefore, not all ingredients in 4Today® Essential will include 100% of the MINIMUM DAILY REQUIREMENTS.

 The 4Today® Essential formula includes more than Vitamins and Minerals so you can get other basic needs in your body without having to purchase multiple products. Included in our 4Today® Essential formula are specific herbs for circulation and immune protection.  The Antioxidants neutralize free radicals which helps prevent cells from being damaged.  The Phytonutrients come from parts of fruits and vegetables normally not eaten (skin-stock-core-seeds) which are powerful Anti-Oxidants. The Digestive Enzymes help you process nutrients and digest food.  The Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acid is fish oil which supports cardiovascular, reproductive, immune and nervous systems throughout the body.


4Today® Primary Nutrition supplies the basic needs of Vitamins and Minerals.  Vitamins do not work effectively unless accompanied by Minerals at the cellular level.  This combination assures the highest bio availability of Vitamins in your body. Primary Nutrition provides the MINIMUM DAILY REQUIREMENTS of Vitamins and Minerals when complimented with healthy eating habits.

It can safely be taken by pregnant and nursing women, children, elderly and anyone taking prescription medication.