Look for the seal!

4Today®, Inc. is one of a select group of companies worldwide recognized as an Albion® Gold Medallion Company.

To receive this award, a nutritional supplement must have the entire formula and mineral component pass intense scrutiny from Albion® Advanced Nutrition. Using Albion® Minerals does not automatically guarantee this award. There are companies who use Albion® Minerals at a minimal just to claim the name. 4Today® Family of Products uses 100%. That’s the difference!

The Albion® Gold Medallion program is intended to help both the retailer and the consumer in the selection of nutritional supplements containing the highest quality mineral ingredients in safe and effective dosage levels. Although many products list Mineral Amino Acid Chelates as components, a large portion of them do not contain Albion® Patented Chelated Minerals. No other provider of Mineral Amino Acid Chelates possesses the patented technology that Albion® does. Albion® has over 120 active patents in the field of Mineral Chelate technology.

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