We are pleased to announce the addition of Vanessa Arthur who is available to discuss her pregnancy and reasoning for taking certain 4Today® products during her 2012-13 pregnancy.  Please read the following question and answer interview to get started.  If you have further questions e-mail (or) call toll free (877) 44-TODAY (86327) with your name and telephone number.  Vanessa will contact you.  Note:  Vanessa had a natural childbirth at home even though she supports all methods of delivery.  During your pregnancy you will receive “free” shipping on all 4Today® products.  Just mention you are pregnant when talking to Vanessa (or) call our toll free number and you will be given the code for free delivery during your pregnancy and while nursing.

QUESTION # 1:  Why did you decide to take 4Today® products during your pregnancy?

ANSWER:  Prenatal vitamins were recommended to take by my Midwife. I chose 4Today® products because a lot of vitamins on the market do not absorb properly and give your liver a lot of hard work without the benefits.  My husband is a Chemist.  He researched possibilities and found 4Today® products to be the most effective.

QUESTION # 2Which nutritional products did you take during your pregnancy?

ANSWER:  I took 4Today® “Primary Nutrition which includes Vitamins and Amino Acid Chelated Minerals.  I also took 4Today® “Skeletal Support for additional Magnesium and Calcium.  I took a separate Folic Acid and Omega Fatty Oils which were not 4Today® products.  Even though Folic Acid and Fatty Acids (Fish Oil) are included in 4Today® “Essential” there are certain herbs and anti-oxidants in 4Today® “Essential” which should be avoided during pregnancy even though they are fine if not pregnant or breast feeding. I was taking 4Today® “Essential” prior to getting pregnant.

QUESTION # 3: What type of birth experience did you have?

ANSWER: I had a natural childbirth at home in water without any epidural or drugs.  I was assisted by a certified Midwife and separate Doula (coach advocate). I had a backup plan at a local hospital for complications.  There were no complications.

QUESTION # 4: How was your birth experience and what were the results?

ANSWER:  The birth experience was amazing.  Because of the care I took during my pregnancy, I felt physically fit and ready to have my baby safely and effectively. I ate healthy, exercised daily, drank plenty of water and took my nutritional supplements. Because of the effort I took, there were excellent signs I was going to have a healthy pregnancy. I had no complications resulting in a healthy placenta and a baby in excellent health.

QUESTION # 5:  Did you continue to take 4Today® supplements after the birth of your baby?

ANSWER:  At first I did not continue taking my supplements even though my Midwife recommended it. I felt a difference and decided to go back to 4Today® “Primary Nutrition and  4Today® “Skeletal Support”. It is common after pregnancy you have hair loss.  I have since added 4Today® “Chelated Iron”  to deal with my hair loss as recommended by Dr. Oz on his television show.  I feel better, healthier and my baby is responded more positively when breast feeding.

QUESTIONS # 6:  Recommendations?

ANSWER: Regardless of how you chose to deliver your baby, the 4Today® nutritional products had a positive effect on my birth experience and overall health of both myself and baby. A baby will continually take essential and developmental nutrition from an expectant mother and after birth through breast feeding (if chosen).  It makes total sense to replenish vital nutrients and minerals through healthy eating and taking supplements. I strongly recommend taking 4Today® nutritional supplements.