Understanding Bio-Availability:

  • When researching the best vitamins and minerals there are two critical words that are used to sell products. They are: Absorption and Bio-Availability.
  • Absorption refers to those vitamins and minerals that can be absorbed into the body.  The question is are they effectively used? The body can absorb vitamins and minerals and still not use them.
  • Most consumers assume when they see “high absorption” written on a bottle it means your body is getting “full-use” of what you’re taking. HOWEVER, in reality, “Absorption” does not guarantee usage in the body. Bio-Availability does.
  • Bio-Availability means those vitamins and minerals are usable at a cellular level. Making your product much more effective.
  • When you go with 4Today® Family of Products, you can count on your vitamins and minerals to be in their highest Bio-Available form by the time it gets to the tissue and cellular level.
  • And that’s why you want to try our Products!


The Technical Bio-Chemistry Definition of Bio-Availability:
  • Bio-Availability of a mineral element implies the availability of that element to some organism for body use. -Dr. Elwyn Miller, Michigan State University