4Today® was founded in 1997 by Kenneth Brown and Jan Kerr after a lengthy search to find nutritional products that worked for long term wellness as part of a healthy life style.


CEO, 4Today® Inc. & 4Today® Marketing

Kenneth Brown is the CEO of 4Today®, Inc. and 4Today® Marketing. He is best known as a renaissance businessman with keen insight. He was concerned about his health years back and discovered what is now known as 4Today® ”Essential”. He was so impressed with the product he co-founded 4Today®, Inc. with Jan Kerr, President, to promote the unique formulations of Janeel Henderson, Ph.D. He recently formed a sister company to 4Today®, Inc. which is 4Today® Marketing to promote all of the 4Today® Family of Products. Kathleen Cohen heads this marketing company with Kenneth Brown, the results you are about to discover. He loves the behind the scenes maneuvering of a company and has much success to support his abilities.


President and Co-Founder, 4Today® Inc.

Jan Kerr is the driving force behind 4Today®, Inc.’s day to day operational success. Her personal efforts led to the discovery of 4Today® chief formulator, Janeel Henderson, Ph.D. and the 4Today® Family of Products. She has a wealth of experience in sales and consulting with people on a one-to-one basis. She has a reputation for caring, with individual attention for each customer. Jan’s positive thoughts and action are behind every aspect of 4Today®. She has a hands-on approach to business, so don’t be surprised if you receive a direct phone call!


VP of Digital, 4Today® Marketing

Kathleen Cohen has a vast degree of experience in production and emerging technology. Her personal interest in optimum wellness brought her together with Kenneth Brown in spearheading the marketing of the current & emerging 4Today® product line. Her work background focuses on digital media and its cross sectors. Kathleen has been drawn into our organization because of the effectiveness of our products.