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When taking nutritional products you should evaluate the contents and the quality of the product to be sure what you put into your body is the best for you. The least expensive should not be your sole measurement of what to buy. Compare what you are intending to purchase to our 4 Today® products. Our value is unbeatable.

Question: What are some of the differences between high-end and low-priced supplements?
One concern of “low-priced” supplements includes the long term use of inorganic minerals that the body simply cannot use. This takes us to the subject of bio-availability. For example: When a person swallows a mineral supplement, if the mineral is not already in a bio-available form, the body has to first convert it into a bio-available form before it can use it. The only form of mineral that the body can actually use is called an amino-acid chelate. The process of turning an inorganic mineral into an amino acid chelate is done naturally by the body during digestion. Unfortunately, the body is not a very efficient chelator. There are several factors that can interfere with the body’s process of converting the mineral into an amino acid chelate. Because of this, the average conversion rate is usually only 5%, under ideal conditions, achieving 10% at best. This means that if we’re lucky, approximately10% of what you’ve swallowed will eventually be used by the body. The remaining 90% is not usable and therefore wasted. The body has only two choices of what to do with the unusable minerals that it was unable to convert. It can kick them out through the normal process of elimination, which is usually the case, and the preferable outcome. If it was unable to kick them out, it will take them in and store them in absorbency sites. The typical absorbency sites could be the kidneys, liver, gall bladder, arteries and brain. Since the minerals being stored under these conditions are not usable, they will never be available for use by the body and serve no good purpose.

The larger issue is that low priced supplements are usually not bio-available and therefore could be a huge waste of money. Many in the industry refer to it as “expensive urine”, because that’s exactly where the unused nutrients end up.
4 Today® uses only patented amino acid chelated minerals that are already in the correct form and therefore do not need to be chelated again. They are already bio-available and able to be used by the body, assuring you that you will get the most nutritional benefit for your money.

Q. What factors interfere with the body trying to convert inorganic minerals (less expenses) into amino acid chelates?
Simply put, the patented amino acid chelated minerals used in all 4 Today formulas travel to the intestinal tract without any problem and are ready for immediate usage. Inorganic minerals cannot easily be used, if at all. In order to use the inorganic mineral, the body first has to break it down into its elemental state by separating it from its stabilizing compound.

Example: Calcium Citrate becomes calcium and citrate separately. Then the body breaks down the calcium even further into a liquid ionic state, where the particle is now small enough to pass through the cell wall of the intestine. Where we run into problems, is in the liquid ionic state, the mineral has become unstable, because it has been separated from whatever was stabilizing it. It must bond with something to become stable again. Ideally, if conditions are right, the mineral should travel to the upper level of the intestine where it will be able to bond with the amino acid proteins lying on the floor of the intestine. Once it bonds with the amino acids, it is now an organic protein base. A completely new molecule called an amino acid chelate. This bond is permanent and can never be broken. In this form, the body easily takes in the amino acid proteins which now include the minerals in an organic usable form. The problem is that only a small fraction of the elemental minerals will make it all the way to the intestines to bond with the amino acids. Most will find something else in the gut to bond with making them unusable. The things that the mineral may bond with could be fiber in your diet, phosphoric acid from a carbonated beverage, herbs or medications. Any number of things could enter into a chemical reaction with the unstable mineral before it gets to the intestine to bond with the amino acids. These bonds will also be permanent and cannot be broken, rendering the mineral now useless to the body.

4 Today® uses only patented amino acid chelated minerals that are stable and will survive digestion in tact. This means that our minerals will not enter into chemical reactions with other substances in the gut. They are therefore safer and do not need to be re-chelated by the body so more of the minerals will make their way into the cells to be used by the body giving you what your body needs and what you thought you were paying for in the first place. The nutritional benefits of using the 4 Today® products are many and the only way for you to prove it to yourself is to try them.

Q. I’ve heard that capsules are better than tablets, because tablets don’t break down as easily. Why does 4 Today® use tablets in their “Essential” instead of capsules?
All tableted products are manufactured using inert ingredients that allow the powder to flow through the machinery without sticking and to help the tablets hold their form which includes a required coating on the outside. It is our experience that most people would rather take fewer pills each day. To accomplish this, and still include all the essential nutrients we feel are necessary to provide the average human body each day in the fewest number of pills possible, we use tablets in our “Essential” formula. To get all the nutrients of a daily serving of 4 Today® “Essential” into capsules, we’d be using at least 7-8 capsules + one essential fatty acid gel cap in each packet, rather than 4 tablets + one essential fatty acid gel cap. We do however, use the minimum amount of ingredients required to get the tablets to hold together without preventing them from breaking down efficiently when they’re supposed to once they’re swallowed. Our tablets are tested for disintegration time under 1 hour as required by the FDA for tablets. Our tablets consistently disintegrate within 45 minutes or less. The average human digestive process takes 2-4 hours, so our customers can rest assured that they will get use and benefit from our supplements. Undigested tablets are referred to as “bullets” by the nursing industry!

Q. How do I know if I’m getting all of the nutrients I need without getting too much of anything?
The “Recommended Daily Intake”, (RDI). The amounts set by the “Federal Drug Administrations” (FDA) for most vitamins and minerals are not necessarily the optimal amount that the average human body needs each day. These amounts are, many times, closer to the amounts needed to minimally sustain the average human body. Some bodies need more or less of any given nutrient depending on diet, intake of nutrients consumed through foods, lifestyle, environmental exposures, physical activity, and stress levels. The sad fact is that most foods no longer contain much in the way of quality nutritional content, thus people should be supplementing their diet with additional nutrients. 4 Today®, Inc. has addressed the basic needs of the average body, understanding that most people these days are dealing with higher stress levels, unpleasant environmental exposures and a food supply that is mostly lacking in adequate nutritional content. 4 Today® “Essential” and all of our other formulas were created by one of the world’s foremost expert in mineral nutrition with doctorates in both Bio Chemistry and Nutrition. 4 Today® “Essential” covers the nutritional needs of the average human body with more much than just the bare minimums. 4 Today® “Essential” goes beyond the basics of vitamins and patented amino acid chelated minerals, it also offers phyto-nutrients such as broccoli, cabbage carrots, and apple pectin, it also contains digestive enzymes, selected herbs, and essential fatty acids. We don’t believe in mega doses. When you have the right quality and bio-availability, mega doses are not necessary. 4 Today®, Inc. recognizes that everyone is different, that each body has varying needs and that one size doesn’t necessarily fit all. If a person has special needs or concerns regarding a particular body system, we highly recommend addressing those situations specifically and on a case by case basis, which is why we offer our professional line of supplements to help support specific body systems. The professional line is designed to compliment the daily 4 Today® “Essential” and help you deal with specific conditions as necessary.

DISCLOSURE: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Any product statement is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease.

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