Digestive Enzymes

DIGESTIVE ENZYMES: helps digest food, especially protein and dairy products.* Taking enzymes allows the body to focus on strengthening the immune system. Enzymes may also assist the body in reducing inflammation and have the ability to help cleanse the blood.*


Breaks long protein chains into smaller amino acid chains and eventually into single amino acids. The three different types of proteases used in the our formulas are capable of enhancing the breakdown of protein under many different digestive conditions.*


Facilitates the breaking down of carbohydrates, (starches, fruits, vegetables, sugars, grains and gelatins). The fibrous structure of the cell walls in many fruits, vegetables and grains pose a particular digestive problem for many people because these various fibers are essentially indigestible. We do not produce the enzymes necessary to digest them and therefore, they pass through the upper digestive tract and cause bloating, gas, and abdominal distress. Amylase and Glucoamylase work as fiber-hydrolyzing enzymes to help facilitate the partial breakdown of these food components.*


Helps aid the body in the digestion of fats (triglycerides). They break fats down into free fatty acids and glycerol enabling easier absorption of fat-soluble nutrients through the intestinal mucosa. Considerable digestive distress and even malabsorption of nutrients such as Vitamins A and E can result from improper fat digestion.*


(Not found in the human system) break the bonds found in fiber. By disrupting the structure of the fiber matrices, which envelope most of the nutrients in plants, cellulase increases the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables. CereCalase helps break down non-starch polysaccarides common in many vegetable foods including grains, beans and herbs which can act as anti-nutritive factors due to their ability to bind to minerals and other nutrients, preventing intestinal absorption. Our blend combines the enzymes necessary to hydrolyze the NSP’s, increasing the availability of nutrients for absorption.*


A powerful enzyme to help in the digestion of food.* The body spends a lot of energy producing digestive enzymes each time we eat.* Supplementing with aspergillus allows the body to focus on more important issues such as strengthening the immune system.


Pineapple contains bromelain, an enzyme that helps in the digestion of proteins.* Pineapple also contains vitamin C, manganese, and is a powerful antioxidant.*


Papaya contains papain, an enzyme similar to those produced naturally in the stomach.* Papain makes it much easier for the body to digest proteins, and can help ease an upset stomach.* Papaya is loaded with carotenoids, very powerful antioxidants, vitamin C, and folacin.*


Co-Enzyme Q10 also called ubiquinone, is one of the most critical nutrients for feeding the mitochondria. Mitochondria are the tiny energy factories found in almost every cell in the body, in particular ATP production. CoQ10 also improves the function of the cardiac muscle by enhancing pumping action and electrical functioning as well as lowering blood pressure, and it can help enhance the immune system. CoQ10 works with certain enzymes to support the body’s bio-energetic functions. It is also an electron carrier and is important to many body energy systems. Co-Enzyme Q10 helps facilitate weight loss and helps increase immune efficiency.*

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